The Scapegoats of a Narcissistic Mother - Foreword

This blog contains the essence of the book, but does differ from it.  The contents of this blog were essentially the rough draft of the book.  The essence is there, but among other variations there are also differences due to the nature of publishing a blog as opposed to a book. The book will be available soon.

It is written in honor of my late scapegoat brother with the hope that our experiences may be redeemed in some way by providing validation and insight to other sons and daughters of narcissistic personality disordered mothers.

UPDATE 7/27/2015 - My computer has been hacked non-stop for months (along with other harassment).  I do not intend to be bullied into silence, but to let the reader know publication of both the book and this blog are taking longer than expected due to harassment.   

UPDATE 3/30/2016 - The relentless hacking of my online work has continued even after hacking my computer into uselessness.  Organized stalking and electronic harassment continues. 

UPDATE 3/24/2017 - I am still being hacked and dealing with stalkers. However, I still intend to finish the book. In the meantime, this site is currently "under construction," so please excuse the mess.

UPDATE: 6/27/2017 - The move of Narcissistic Personality Disorder Mother Facebook to Echo Scapegoat Recovery Tactics was announced 6/24/2017, and the move had begun on Facebook when the admins were locked out and the page was hijacked AGAIN. We have not been able to access the page since. Until this is resolved, Kelly Christensen and I can be found on Narcissistic Abuse: Echo Recovery Google Community and Echo Scapegoat Recovery Tactics© Google Community.

Gail Meyers

Photo - Public Domain via Wikimedia. Mrs. Siddons as the Tragic Muse. Portrait of eighteenth century Shakespearean actress Sarah Siddons. Painted in 1783.  


  1. Gail, your story is so close to mine it's scary...right down to having a brother with a heart of gold who passed away. Thank you for making your book accessible to everyone who needs to read these words.

    1. My condolences on the loss of your brother, Laura. It still amazes me sometimes how many of us have similar stories, especially since so many of us spent decades of our lives without having another soul who truly understood.

  2. My heart goes out to you Gail, learning that you have gone through the same as I am now. Thank you so much for your humanity and kindness to share with us your invaluable knowledge on this topic.

    Though I am the main scapegoat of my N mother, my brother greatly suffered by her smear campaigns and by the constant family-division she inflicted. My brother had a very rare and serious brain disease, spent almost a year in hospital struggling for survival, then recently passed away. If only I could reach him and made him understand that he was caught in my mothers web of lies and slander. My only "consolation" that at least my brother knows the truth and finally he has his peace. I am struggling with a level of pain and helplessness I can't even describe.

  3. Dear Gail, thank you so much for writing all this. As a scapegoat of violent narcissists (both parents) and their flying monkeys (my sisters) I nearly lost my life, and I still struggle with all the consequences. I hope you know how much your validation means. I'm deeply sorry to hear that your brother passed away, and everything you both went through. I wish you all the best.

    1. Maya, just wanted to let you know you're not alone. I, too, an the scapegoat daughter of two narcissists, my mother the most evil person I've ever known, and both my sisters as well. The younger of the two a complete sociopath. I spent two years completely destroyed by all four of them. But, by the grace of God, I came out of it more peaceful and happier than I've ever been. I have my own little family now, my husband and three amazingly, wonderful children who will never have to live their lives terrified by their parents and each other. Take care.


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