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  1. After another brow beat from my mother from me attempting to defend her constant unfair mean behavior towards me, I decided to google her behaviors and came across your blog and a name of how my mother has treated me my whole life of 50 years !! Now I know why I'm the way I am and how my older sister the golden child always esteemed herself above me with my mothers help and my other siblings, since I'm the scapegoat ! I feel so vindicated to understand and see how dysfunctional I was living in a world that I was led to believe was normal and I was just overly sensitive or too emotional my mother said. She played the middle man and the victim and even said today God is going to punish me for disagreeing with her and standing up for injustice that I'm always receiving at the hands of my Godly mother . She even reminded me my dad was furious at me for upsetting her! Intimidating me as always . Thank you for helping me to understand my pain


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