As many of you know, more than half of the original draft of the book was posted on this blog when it was hacked (along with my other pages).  There were changes and edits both large and small.  So, if you see anything out of place, please let me know.  I had decided to wait until after the book is published to reopen this blog.  However, I am currently beginning to proofread the postings and republishing them under their original publication dates. One of the videos was also recently hacked, but I am reloading the original.

Update 10/07/2015 - My pages and computer have been repeatedly hacked, so if you notice anything out of place please let me know.  This has caused delay, but The Scapegoats of a Narcissistic Mother should be available soon.  In the meantime, the video playlist is available on my Youtube channel at ...

Gail Meyers

Update 7/06/2016 - My laptop was hacked relentlessly and my hard drive switched out even, so I can no longer use it at all. The hacking, harassment and even stalking escalated, has continued and is being reported. Thus, I hope to have this situation resolved, finish this blog and my book, as well as publish the book by the end of the year. The delay has been due to these predators and their crimes committed against me.



  1. Is the book available now? If so, where can I get it?

  2. It should be available soon, Kasarija. In the meantime, the videos are available on YouTube.

  3. I was sent to your site by a caring person. I read everything. I could not believe it....I was reading my own story! For me it's too late. The damage has been done & I can't fix it. She separated the entire family (except my son & daughter). But she hurt them too. I miss my brother deeply. If explain more, but everytime I write it, the tab crashes and I have to stay over again. Thank you so much. ....you validated my life story, and that means more than most can ever understand.

  4. My mother told me to leave her home one Christmas Day. She lives in North Carolina and invited me there, providing the plane ticket. I live in northern British Columbia. On Christmas Day afternoon, my mother shook her fist at me and told me I had to leave, immediately. She also said I was an addict. When I cried and begged to stay she said I was always selfish and why did I always only think of myself. I couldn't get a cab on Christmas night so rented a car and drove to st louis on Saturday. A few days later I was admitted to hopsital with severe hemorraging. prolapsed rectum. diverticulosis. I haven't heard a word from her, nor from family memebrs. It is her birthday today and I will be happy when it is over because I still blame myself and ask myself what did I do? What did i do to make her do that?

  5. I am so excited to read this book. My mother has clinical narcissism as has members of my husband's family, and we have had to completely remove them from our lives due to their behavior and lack of self control. Their malicious and traumatic choices have torn apart both of our entire family trees, but we are committed to creating and fostering our own healthy family, so the trade off has been entirely worth it. It only took 30 and 40 years respectively, to recognize and stand up to this behavior....

  6. They are soul destroying monsters THAT refuse to leave the most unwelcome place in your daily thoughts .I wish more than anything i could removed her from my thoughts as easily as she removed me from her life .But its there the whole time on and on it goes Because you just cant think of one thing without thinking of the other Destructive hateful woman that she is .She still at it and now has convinced my lovely aunty That i am the one at fault .My aunty was all i have left So she took her from me .All evil lies But oh sooo convincing I hope she rots in hell


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